Hydrazine Hydrate Suppliers and Manufacturers in Kolkata

Hydrazine Hydrate is one of the most important chemicals in the industry. Hydrazine Hydrate is a fast-running product that is supplied and manufactured the most. Hydrazine Hydrate suppliers and manufacturers have a long list of applications of Hydrazine Hydrate. Hydrazine Hydrate is used a lot in the industry, especially in the water treatment sector. Hydrazine Hydrate is one of the best oxygen absorbers therefore it is used as an oxygen scavenger in water treatment plants and anywhere else where oxygen is in excess and needs to be eradicated.

Benzene Suppliers and Dealers in Kolkata

East India Chemical International is one of the largest and most reputed Benzene Solvent suppliers, manufacturers and dealers in Kolkata, Howrah, Paradip, Haldia, Sankrail etc. We have a very large factory in Howrah, where we manufacture and store the premium quality benzene. From 25 years, East India Chemical International has been manufacturing and dealing in Benzene in Kolkata. We understand the fact that, nothing more than the quality of products, satisfies the consumers.

Alkyl Benzene Suppliers in Kolkata, India

Alkyl Benzene forms the basis of a chemical industry. Alkyl Benzene is the general name given to any R- (Alkyl group) attatched to a benzene ring. We know that benzene is one of the best solvents. Some of the alkyl benzenes are toluene. Toluene is the simplest form of alkyl benzene. Some other very common Alkyl Benzenes are: Xylene, Ethyl Benzene and Cumene. The properties of some of the alkyl benzenes allow them to act as excellent solvents. The alkyl benzene solvent para-xylene is soluble in almost each and every chemical.