Rocor NB Liquid bulk chemical supplier in kolkata india

East India chemicals Chemical Rocor NB Liquid is a liquid, nitrite/borate-based compound with organic corrosion inhibitors for use in closed cooling water systems.

Liquid product, easy to use
By forming an oxide film on the metal surfaces electrolytic corrosion is prevented
Effective against cavitation and erosion
Compatible with hoses, gaskets, and seals


Rocor NB Liquid supplier Manufacture in Durgapur west bengal india

Rocor NB Liquid is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for the common ferrous and non-ferrous metals in cooling water systems. The stable oxide film that is formed prevents corrosion caused by the electrolytic action between dissimilar metals used in the system. Rocor NB Liquid has been field tested and found to have no detrimental effects on nonmetallic substances such as seals, glands, packing, hoses, gaskets etc., normally used in these systems. The compound is alkaline and so will suppress acid corrosion, which would otherwise result in corrosion damage such as pitting.

electrical part cleaner advance clean cleaning chemical in kolkata india

east india chemical Electrical Parts Cleaner is a quick-drying, non-chlorinated evaporating parts cleaner for use on electric motors and other heavy-duty electrical and mechanical equipment. It swiftly and effectively decreases, removes oil, dirt, wax and other foreign matter that are common causes of current leakages and electric inefficiencies.

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