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Ship Chandlers in Haldia port always have benefit to provide all marine chemicals including tank cleaner, Hold Wash, Aquatuff, Methanol, DI water, Teepol etc. through our nearest branch of RXSOL marine chemicals. East India Chemical International is situated at Howarah, Jangalpur Industrial Area. 

In haldia all shipping agent, Ship Chandlers & Suppliers, Offices are located at Durga Chowk, Midnapore,Haldia West Bengal India 721602. Marine Chemicals and oil field chemicals plays important role in shipping industries, As marine chemicals helps to run ship smooth and fast. For example Metal brite is usful to remove rust, while ACC-009 is for Air cooler cleaner maintenance, Carbon Remover to clean Piston and motor parts, Electrsol for cleaning of Electrical parts, Degreaser is for complete cleaning of oil and grease from surface, Oil Spill Dispersant to emulsify oil in water, Tank cleaner to clean petroleum tanks, Veg Oil tanks etc...

Expert Ship Suppliers in Haldia Port always providing marine chemicals in best possibilities of rates and maintaing Best in Class Service at Haldia Port. Degreaser, Carbon Remover, Rust remover, Electrosol, Waterless Hand Cleaner is also main product of Deck And Engine Stores in Haldia Port. Tank Cleaning Marine Contractors in Haldia Port always have opportunity to get our Marine Chemicals at door step. East India Chemical Internaional plays important role in chemicals for Ship & Engine maintenance in Haldia Port.

Our Email id is and Whatsapp No. is 932594669
Our Chemical Depo Location : Howarah

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