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Kolkata port handles various type of Cargo Coking Coal, Iron Ore, Coal, Cargo Limestone, General and other Dry Bulk Cargo. Due to high pressure and large vlolume of cargo like coal, lime, Iron ore particles are combined with each other and heavily deposits on cargo hold surface, Which is creating big problem for ship carrier. And after discharging of such cargo chemical cleaning helps to break bonding of  coal, lime , iron ore.  Selection of Cargo Hold Cleaner is very important to avoid extra uses of manpower and time. Our RXSOL brand is popular to provide proper solution to clean hold. Some valuable hold cleaning products are Alkaline High Foam Ship Hold Cleaning Detergent , Coal Remover, Lime Stone Remover, RXSOL PCS, Sodium Hypochlorite, Muriatic Acid etc...East India Chemical International is best source of such chemicals. Our lowest unit price policy always makes us to maintain as largest supplier of Alkaline High Foam Ship Hold Cleaning Detergent , Coal Remover, Lime Remover, Hold wash Chmical, Slip Barrier Coat Hold block, cement remover supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Buz buj, Dhamra, Paradip port. Direct inquiry through our email address will help us to provide price of hold wash.  And MSDS, Technical Bulletine of product also available with each and every carboy of materials. And any technical issue / cleaning help direct support can be obtained through our Whatsapp No 09322594669 .

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