Asia's largest Marine chemical ship supplier in paradip port. East India Chemical International holding exclusive RXSOL brand marine and oil field chemicals supply rights for paradip port. 
East India Chemical International is one of major chemical supplier in Pardip port, We have group team of ship chandler to work and complete chemical supply on anchored vessel. Coal Removr, Hold Clean, PCS, Hold wash, Aquatuff, Muriatic Acid, Sodium Hypo chloride, teepol, seaclean, degreaser etc. We are very popular name among ship chandlers as supplier of marine Chemicals in Paradip. We covers full range of maintenance chemicals, tank cleaner, hold cleaner, Fuel Additives, Boiler Water & Evaporater Treatment, etc. For Immediate responce on all chemicals related querry, you can use our Whatsapp No : 9322594669 And for product details like quotaion/ price of chemicals, MSDS and Technical bulletine can be requested through our Email address :