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Ship Marine chemical Suppliers in kolkata, Group of Ship Chandler in Kolkata (ex Calcutta), India are supplying our chemicals on ship in Buj buj, kolkata, haldia, Dhamra and paradip. Kolkata metro is best sources for entire range of ship maintenance product and clasified as World Leading Marine Marketplace for the Shipping Industry. Kolkata port handle liquid petroleium, veg oil, SKO, etc through ship tanker vessel. East India Chemical International is major supplier of Marine tank cleaning Chemical in kolkata, Our full range of tank cleaner covers CTC volc, LAC, Metal Bright, Methanol, Di Water, Alkaline Liquid, Alkaleen Safety Liq, Hcf remover, Palm Oil veg oil Cleaner. And kolkata port also handle coal, lime, Iron ore through bulk carrier, These vessel also require chemicals like lime remover, Coal Remover, Cement remover, Aquatuff, Hold Block slip coat etc. East India Chemical International is having stock point in Howarah at Jangalpur Industrial Location. 

Maintenance and cleaning of ship is very important to run ship smoothely. As time is very important factor to avoid any delay shipment in cargo. Our international RXSOL brand chemicals plays important role as its higher concentration value cost minimum to our customer. And satisfaction in quality given us opportunity to serv all INDIAN and Gulf coastal.

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Whatsapp No. : 9322594669

Location of distribution stock point : Jalan Industrial Complex, Jangalpur, Gate no-03, PO. Argori, P.S. Sankrail, Near khetan electronics, Dist.-Howrah, Pin-711302 , India.  Route Direction.