Category Description
Drain Clean Products-29 (5)

Drain pipe cleaner, Fat cleaner, Drain opener, Drainex, Sewer cleaner etc kept in this category.

Ballast Tank Chem-23 (18)

Ballast Tank cleaning chemicals, Mud Dispersant Polymer, Corrosion Inhibitor for Metal, and Tank Core coat etc ballast maintenance category chemicals are kept in this group.  We are keeping ready stock of these chemicals at Kolkata - Howrah based warehouse. Ship chandler of Kolkata - Haldia, Buj Buj, Paradip are getting all types of marine chemicals from our Jungalpur Howarah based warehouse.

Electrical Cleaner-30 (18)

Electroclean, IPA, Electrical contact cleaner, Electric Motor cleaner Electrosol Quick Dry -Non Flammable - Slow Dry etc are some valuable Electrial maintenance chemicals in this group. Ship chandler of Kolkata, haldia, paradip have regular requirement of Electrical motor maintenance chemicals for there ships calling vessel.

Coolant Glycol Antifreeze-27 (37)

Coolant, glycol, Antifreezing, Radiator coolant and many more coolant types of products are coming in this group. Our regular customer and shipchandler are getting good membership discount benefit upto 50% to uplift these products from our Howrah - Jungalpur warehouse. 

Fuel Treatment-70 (43)

Fuel Bunker Oil required proper treatment to stabilizes and stops sludge formation which helps to increase fuel efficiency. This group includes Fuel Oil Treatment, Dual Purpose Plus, Diesilite Combustion Improver, Soot remover, Burnaid, Fuel Emulsion Breaker, Valvocare etc. East India Chemcial International supplier of  ship fuel oil treatment chemicals in Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Buj Buj PORT. Fuel treatment and additive includes: Antioxidants. Antifoamers. Bactericides. Improvers: cetane no. / octane no., cold filter plugging point (CFPP), cloud point, conductivity, lubricity. Inhibitors: corrosion, paraffin and wax. Demulsifiers etc

Engine room Maintenance-16 (46)

Engine room maintenance and cleaning is daily routine on ship. This group covers full range of engine room maintenance chemicals which include Bilge Clean, Aquabreak, Seaclean, Carbon Remover, Chembreak, Coolant, Turbine Clean etc. We are ship maintenance and ship chandling chemicals supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Buj buj, Paradip etc.

Boiler Chemicals-42 (88)

Boiler Cleaning and Maintenance chemicals are kept in this group which includes Boiler water treatment chemicals like Combotreat, Condensnol amine, One Shot, Hardness control, Oxygen Control, Hydrazine, Sludge conditioner, Alkalinity control, Scale Remover, pH Booster etc. We are largest marine ship maintenence boiler chemcials supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip.

Hold Solution-22 (100)

Aquatuff, Slipcoat, Metalbrite, Coal Remover, Cement Remover, Muriatic Acid, PCS Hold clean, Sodium Hypo Chlorite, Lime Wash, Pet coke Remover etc are valuable Cargo Hold Cleaning chemical which is helpful during change of ship cargo. We are one of largest Aqua tuff supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Bujbuj, Paradip Port. This group cover more then 30 types of hold cleaning detergent.

Cooling Water Chemical-43 (108)

Diesel Guard, Rocor NB, Corrosion Inhibitor, Biocide, Engine Water Treatment, Antifouling Chemicals, HEDP, Peracetic Acid etc are some valauable products from Cooling Water Treatment chemicals group. We are leading manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Buj Buj, Paradip port.  

Degreaser-10 (132)

Degreaser manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip. Degreaser category covers more then 100 different types of degreaser, which can be selected as per field, type, and nature of cleaning required. Feel free to share your degreaser requirement through our email id to get technical, msds and specification support.

Tank Cleaner-20 (159)

Alkleen Safety liquid, Bunker Cleaner, LAC, Metalbrite, Teepol, Seaclean, Inviro Clean, HCF remover, CTC Volc, Buffer Cleaner, IGS cleaner, Methanol, DI water, Advance Tank Clean and many more Ship tanker cleaning chemicals are classified in this group. Tanker vessels required customized materials to clean various type of cargo based on tank lining surface. We are one of largest marine tank cleaning chemicals supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Bujbuj port. 

Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 (214)

Deck And Engine Stores chemical Ship Supplier at Kolkata Port / Haldia Port & Paradip Port. We cover full range of DECK engine maintenance chemicals which includes Degreaser, Deck Cleaner, Aquabreak, Seaclean, Disc clean, Teepol, OSD, Oil Spill Dispersant, Metalbrite, Turboclean, ACC 009, Air cooler Cleaner, Coil Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner , Safe Acid, Turbo Clean etc...