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Dhamra Port is Situated between Haldia and Paradeep.  We are regular marine chemical like Aquatuff , coal remover, lime remover, hold wash, Slip coat, Sodium Hypochlorite, Muriatic Acid supplier in Dhamra port. 
Dhamra port handling imports of coking coal, steam/thermal coal, limestone and export of iron ore, During transportaion of minerals due to high pressure and moisture / water content mineral particles are getting deposited on metal surface. If vessel required other cargo to load cleaning must required by surveyor and third party. East India chemical International are keeping full range of hold wash chemicals. And breaking of coal deposition can be carried out by using Coal Remover , similarly lime deposition can be loosen by using Lime remover.  While Aquatuff is most popular cleaner for Hold Wash. 

Slip coat hold block is fully polymer based emulsion which gives transparent coating on hold surface to protect corrosiveness of cargo like sulphur, salt etc... Hold Block is modernised method to protect metal surface of cargo hold from cargo. As Sulphur cargo producing sulfuric acid, Salt cargo releasing Hcl... which is highly corrosive towards metal.

East India chemical International is one of largest ship supplier of marine chemicals in Dhamra port.  Your direct email for product querry like MSDS, Technical Bulletine, Price, Supply charges etc on our email id is highly appreciated. You may send SMS / Whatsapp Message on 9322594669