Aquatuff High Foam Supplier in Kolkata Port, Haldia Port, Paradip Port.

Aquatuff high foam alkaline formula makes unique among other marine cleaning detergents. Aquatuff creates high dense foam with high-pressure machine which is helpful to apply to the vertical surface during hold cleaning operation. Aquatuff contains high foam ingredients along with other surfactant composition, Its small qty can create high dense foam during application with the high-pressure

Cargo Hold Cleaning Chemicals supplier in Kolkata - Haldia, Paradip

Aquatuff    ::: Popular Alkaline ship Hold Cleaning chemicals
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution ::: Helpful to remove coal Stain and many other cleaning substitute.
Oxalic Acid  ::: Rust removing and metal cleaning powder. And Metal Brite is more effective product then oxalic acid for Rust Cleaning operation.
SLIP-COAT ::: Provides Barrier film in between Ship Hold Surface and Hazardous Cargo


Aquatuff free on Purchase of Slip Coat Plus in Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Ennore, Kolkata, Kandla - Gandhidham, Fujairah - Gulf.

Slip Coat Plus is a heavy duty solution which is used for hold vessels, which carrying corrosive material, sulphur salt petcoke coal. It is EMULSION BASED non reactive coating materials which makes thin film barrier on surface after dry. Due to formation of RXSOL THIN barrier film on surface,
the cleaning operation after unloading becomes quicker and easier with optimum results.