Activated carbon Manufacture wide application high quality in paradip Dhamra port

Activated carbon is produced from materials which contain a high content of carbon, such as coal, wood and coconut shells. The carbon undergoes a steam or chemical activation process which expands the pore structure of the material and produces a large internal surface area. Internal surface areas of 800 to 1200m²/g can be produced, making activated carbon an efficient and effective adsorbent. Activated carbon is available in granular, pellet, and powder forms.


Dhamra port hold cleaning chemicals supply

Dhamra Port, Orissa hold cleaning chemicals supplier

Dhamra port, Odisha handling  Break Bulk Cargo and Containerized Services, Dry Bulk Cargo Services, Edible Oil and Cargo Odisha. We are one of largest marine chemicals supplier for Dhamra Port, Odisha.  Dhamra port supply charges are slightly expensive as Adani port have some fixed charges to make entry.