CONDENSATE WATER TREATMENT for Ship Maintenance Supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Durgapur.

Condensate Control is blend of liquid neutralising amines for corrosion control in steam and condensate systems. It protects boiler surfaces by forming an iron tannate film. A Liquid neutralizing amine used to control corrosion and pH in steam and condensate systems. It provides effective protection of steam & condensate systems against corrosive attack by carbon dioxide & other acidic gases.
    1.) Condensate Control Extends the life of steam and condensate systems giving reducing maintenance costs and less down time.

Lime Scale Remover from Metal Surface Supplier in Kolkata, Haldia.

Lime removal from Metal Surface is a very tricky job for a person who knows chemistry.  Our expertisation in marine chemicals field since 1995 has given us the opportunity to solve such cleaning specially LIME deposition from ship hold metal surface. In general uses of direct acid can also dissolve Lime, but on the other hand ACID badly damages the metal surface which is the strength of the ship. And damage of metal parts costs a lot during ship maintenance process.

High Precision Activated Carbon of Various Type Used for Water and Air Purification Supplier in Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Durgapur.

MANUFACTURER of High Precision Activated Carbon with competitive price. Our mainly products are as follows:

Honeycomb activated carbon-for air purification
Bamboo activated carbon-for air purification and food&medicine
Coal based activated carbon -for air purification and water treatment
Wood based activated carbon-for air and water purification & food&medicine
Coconut shell activated carbon-for air purification and water treatment
Carbon molecular sieve-for Nitrogen Generator
Zeolite molecular sieve-oxygen concentrator