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Haldia Port, Kolkata Port Trust, Dhamra Port, Paradip Port
Generic Name: 
1,2-Ethanediol Antifreeze and anti-corrosion fluid
ETHYLENE GLYCOL - INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Recommended use: industrial chemicals; antifreezing agent
Product Description: 

ETHYLENE GLYCOL  supplier and exporter. Its INDUSTRIAL GRADE Recommended to use as industrial chemicals; antifreezing agent, monomer solvent. 

Product Application: 
Product Procedure: 

Clear, Colourless, Syrupy liquid which lowers the freezing point of water. odorless and soluble in water, alcohol and acetone. Hazard: Toxic by ingestion and inhalation. Used as a coolant antifreeze, asphalt emulsion paint, heat transfer agent, brake fluid, solvent, or foam stabilizer.

Product Note: 

Product Technical Specification: 
PRODUCT NAME  : ETHYLENE GLYCOL,  Di-ethylene glycol(Ethane 1-2 Diol)
CAS number  : 107-21-1
Form Phase   : Liquid
Colour : clear
Formula   : CH2OHCH2OH
Odour    : ODOURLESS
Solubility in water    : COMPLETE
Density    : 1.11 at 20 oC
Boiling point       : 197      oC
Melting point    : -13  oC
Flash Point    : Not Applicable
Ignition Temperature : 410  oC
Explosive limits   : Product does not present an explosion hazard.
Vapour pressure   : .07 mbar at 20 oC
Skin absorption/irritation  : YES
TLV       Country  NL                Year  1995  : 10 ppm                 26        mg/m3
Pollution category    1994 : D
Solubility in / Miscibility with water at 20°C : Fully miscible. g/l (Fully miscible.)
Product pack size: 
20, 25, 50, 220 Kg. Also used as Antifreeze and anti-corrosion fluid for thermotechnical systems.
Product alias: 
<p> 1,2-Ethanediol, TYFOCOR Antifreeze and anti-corrosion fluid for thermotechnical systems</p>
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