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Coolant Premix Redcool

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Premix coolant which reduces cavitation in areas such as the water pump and surface cavitation in hot spots of the cylinder head. The minimisation of cavitation erosion and pitting of heat rejecting aluminium surfaces (eg. behind exhaust ports) helps to i
Product Description: 

RXSOL REDCOOL  is an ALL YEAR ROUND automotive cooling system treatment, designed to provide complete cooling system protection.Modern engine cooling systems are designed with the fluid characteristics of glycol based coolants in mind. RXSOL REDCOOL is a complete full fill requirement and it’s ready to use - simply pour. 

RXSOL REDCOOL is a glycol premix coolant which reduces cavitation in areas such as the water pump and surface cavitation in hot spots of the cylinder head. The minimisation of cavitation erosion and pitting of heat rejecting aluminium surfaces (eg. behind exhaust ports) helps to increase component life. A concentration of at least 30% glycol is required to obtain a significant improvement in cavitation performance. Motor manufacturers normally use a minimum of 33% glycol coolant in new vehicles to achieve satisfactory engine cooling system protection.RXSOL REDCOOL is premixed to more  glycol concentration.

RXSOL REDCOOL will raise the boiling point and lower the freezing point of the engine coolant. The benefits impart a resistance to the engine coolant boiling in summer and freezing in winter.

RXSOL REDCOOL incorporates additives to guard against corrosion of cast iron, steel, brass, solder, copper and aluminium alloys used for engine and radiator components.

Product Application: 

RXSOL REDCOOL is compatible with materials normally used in automotive cooling systems which include rubber hoses, gaskets, rubber seals and plastic components.

Caution: RXSOL REDCOOL is premixed to the correct percentage of glycol concentration. DO NOT top up with water as it will reduce the glycol and corrosion inhibitor concentration and accordingly reduce the protection provided, increasing the risk of damage to your cooling system and engine problems.

RXSOL REDCOOL could soften some types of painted finishes. In the event of a spillage, wash off with water immediately, do not wipe off. First Aid If RXSOL REDCOOL is accidentally swallowed, contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre in your State. Induce vomiting. Use Ipecac Syrup.

Product Procedure: 

Drain and flush previous fluid according to the instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer. For best results set heater controls to “HEAT” whilst this is carried out.

To remove traces of old fluid, flush the system with clean water.Remove drain plug or bottom radiator hose as appropriate. Hoses other than the bottom radiator hose may need to be removed to ensure all the old coolant is removed..

RXSOL REDCOOL can be used as either a top-up or complete fill without the danger of diluting coolant concentrations. DO NOT ADD WATER to the cooling system when refilling, only add RXSOL REDCOOL .

RXSOL REDCOOL  provides effective corrosion and freezing point protection to -210C. Start and run engine for 5 minutes to circulate the fluid. Check for leaks and top-up system with RXSOL REDCOOL  if required. For maximum system protection, replace RXSOL REDCOOL  at least every three years or 60,000 km

Product Note: 

Product Features & Benefits

  • Improved engine corrosion protection helping to resist theformation of rust while protecting alloy heads and engines.
  • Improved protection against cavitation in water pumps and hot spots (eg. behind exhaust ports) in aluminium cylinder heads.
  • Excellent HOT weather protection. RXSOL REDCOOL helps prevent the risk of the engine coolant boiling, leading to coolant loss and possible engine damage.
  • Excellent COLD weather protection.RXSOL REDCOOL reduces the real risk of coolant freezing solid in the engine cooling system and severely damaging engines and/or radiators.
  • Due to the above features and benefits, maintenance costs are minimised.
  • Easy to use

Performance Levels

RXSOL REDCOOL  meets the following requirements:

  •  ASTM D3306                                General Motors GM 1825 M
  •  ASTM D4985                                General Motors GM 1899 M
  •  SAE J1034                                    Mazda MES MN 121A C-FA04
  •  AS 2108-84                                   MWM Die sel D234 2/15
  •  BS 6580                                         SAAB FSD 8704

Health, Safety & Environment

RXSOL REDCOOL  is considered non-hazardous according to Worksafe.However, in line with safe handling practices, it is recommended that the handling instructions outlined in the  Material Safety Data Sheet be followed.

Disposal:Oily materials must not be allowed to enter groundwater, watercourses, sewerage or drainage systems. Refer to local Waste Disposal Authority for legal requirements.

Product Removal

Bare Metal Surfaces : Remove with RXSOL DEGREASER.

Hand Cleaning : Remove with RXSOl HAND CLEANER

Other Surfaces : Contact your local Special Products Division in each State Office.

Although all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as at the time of printing, such information is nevertheless liable to variation in the event of changes occurring subsequent to the date of printing it: the blend formulation, methods of storage, or due to the improper handling or application of any of the products referred to, or in the requirements of any specification or approval relating to any of the products.

Product Technical Specification: 

Typical Characteristics


pH Reserve
Alkalinity mL
Boiling Point
(undiluted) 0C
Freezing Point Density @
200C kg/L
7.9 5.8 120 -37 1.05 - 1.09


Product pack size: 
20 Ltrs, 25 Ltrs, 210 Ltrs.
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