East India Chemical one of the most promising manufacturers & suppliers of  Heat Exchanger cleaner RXSOL-16-1681-025  also available  in locations of  Haldia Port, Kolkata Port Trust, Dhamra Port, Paradip Port, West Bengal in India & also in Gulf countries like Dubai, Singapore,UAE.

Product Qty Per Unit: 25.00 Ltr


DISSOLVES SLUDGE THAT BUILDS UP IN HEAT EXCHANGERS. This is a liquid polymeric acid based material that readily dissolves sludge that builds up in heat exchangers.



Product alias:

Chemtreat AH 7 for cleaning heat exchanger, indion-1507, phe descalant Plate Heat Exchanger Descaling Chemical


• Compatible with zinc phosphate materials
• Not harmful to equipment
• Less hazardous than hydrochloric acid based materials ,


Product Technical Specification:

Composition: Liquid
Appearance: Clear Colorless to charasteristic
Recommended Concentrations: 50-100% by volume
Recommended Temperatures: Ambient

Product Note:

The HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANER is used for cleaning Stainless steel heat exchangers.The external pump and circulating system employing the HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANER should likewise be made of stainless steel or of a suitable, non-corrosive plastic.

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Product specification of  HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANER  for your reference are available through this Link  http://eastindiachemicals.com/product/heat-exchanger-cleaner

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