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Specifically formulated to remove rust and water scale build up from boiler evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems, pipeline collection system etc.

Product  Description

Powder Descaler is a dry acid cleaner formulated to remove rust and scale deposits.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates

The most effective descaling is accomplished by circulation.In the case of small components

the soak method in an immersion bath can be used. If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease or sludge, then pre-cleaning with Tank cleaner or cleaner517 is necessery.

Depending on the extent of scaling, use a solution of 2.5-10%powder descaler . The solutionwill have a red colour which changes to yellow when 85% of the acid has been neutralised,whenever possible,  the solution should be heated to 60ْC .Neutralized solutions can be reactivated by adding more powder descaler until the red colour reappears. This should not be done more than twice. Powder descler should be used on aluminium

After descaling the fixed pH of descaler solution shows the ending of descaling procedure.

Descaling of Boilers, Descaling of Diesel Engine cooling Systems,Condensers, Evaporators,Calorifiers, Heat  Exchangers can be done by powder descaler.

The strength of the acid can be enhanced by adding 1 part sodium chloride (common salt)to 20 parts of powder descaler. If salt is not available, an acceptable alternative is to dissolve powder descaler in see water .After use of powder descaler a 0.5% solution of Alkalinity control in fresh water shoul be used for neutralization.

Features, Benefits and Applications

*Powder product - safe and easy handling and storage.

*Fast and effective scale remover.

*Inhibitors  protect metals.

*Contains  anti- foam agent.

*Colour indicator shows solution strength.

*Removes scale from boilers.

*Removes scale from diesel engine cooling systems.

*Removes scale and rust from condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers etc.

Read the material safety data sheet before using this product

Descalex  powder scale remover and cleaner formulated to remove rust and scale deposits from  boilers, diesel engine cooling water systems, condensers, evaporators, calorifiers and heat exchangers.

RXSOL Descalex contains corrosion inhibitor which provides corrosion protection

This product is compatible and suitable with aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized metals, steel boilers etc.

Powder Acid for Removal of Scale and Rust

powder scale remover designed for use in the chemical cleaning of evaporators, boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, tanks and pipes, which are commonly fouled by hard water scales, grease, tarts and other impurities.

RXSOL DESCALEX contains corrosion inhibitor which provides corrosion protection even after the cleaning, unlike other acid cleaning chemicals which may increase corrosion rate after cleaning. Moreover, it contains pH indicator which facilitate monitoring of cleaning progress.

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